A summer abroad unlike any other.

Embark on a journey of accelerated personal and professional growth. Thrive in a globally connected and rapidly evolving world.
Learn high-demand skills from industry experts

Intensive coursework that is aligned with best-practices in high-growth industries.

A practical, project-based style of learning that encourages collaboration and lots of practice.

Small class sizes (< 20 people) to foster individualized relationships with teachers.

Boost your resume with an internship

Internship projects allow you to apply your classroom learning to drive value immediately.

You'll leave with a portfolio of work that will help you stand out to future employers.

We'll also teach you cross-cultural professional skills for a globalized workplace.

Connect meaningfully with an incredible city

Coursework and local experiences will help you engage with a new culture.

Our strong community means you'll make good friends quickly and easily.

You'll leave your comfort zone behind, and grow your sense of independence.

Sebastian Dakey, BlossomX Alum, Ashesi University

Secured placement in the Goldman Sachs 2020 Spring Insight Program

"Blossom Academy offered me the opportunity to learn and interact with people who have data science passion as myself. The lessons were so impactful that I decided to do my final year capstone project in data science. The instructors are very friendly and always eager to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. The lessons were practical and served as the foundation upon which I will build my skill sets in data science. The weekly Q&A sessions with Industry professionals was one of the highlights of the program for me as it offered informative resources about the practice of data science, how to land a data science role among others. Beyond the course, instructors have been instrumental in helping me streamline my capstone project. I will definitely recommend Blossom Academy to any aspiring Data Scientist because beyond the cause, the network of people you interact and engage with will become lifelong and will prove useful in their careers."

Data Science Course & Internship

In Accra only. No experience required.

Data scientists see patterns in data where others see nothing

Data Science is one of the most important and versatile fields in our data-driven world. Modern technology has given us access to huge amounts of data, and with this has come the ability to extract useful information and use it in ways that were previously impossible.

Data scientists find appropriate data to solve business questions, perform analyses, interpret results in a business context, and present these results to a broader audience using visual techniques and methods to make a compelling case.

An integrated program to prepare you for the 21st century.

We combine enriching cultural education, high-intensity skills development, and real-world professional experience—an essential combination for an impactful career in the future.
Week 1:
BlossomX sponsored excursions
All of our programs begin with an immersion into your chosen city. Take classes about the city's history, culture, and current events to understand your context. Explore your surroundings through blossomX-sponsored excursions.

Weeks 2-3:
Skills Bootcamp
Start building your skill set—quickly. Our collaborative, workshop-style courses, taught by industry experts, will push you to learn faster than you thought possible. Finish up with an impressive portfolio of class projects, and get ready for your internship.

Weeks 4-6:
Go beyond the classroom with a guaranteed remote internship. Work with a company abroad to apply your gained classroom knowledge in a professional environment. Finish up with a clear deliverable to show future employers.
Program structure bracket
Throughout the 6 weeks, there will be readings and reflection pieces that prompt you to connect your experiences, skills training, and internship. By the end, you will have a deep understanding of your city in a global context, and a powerful set of skills and work experience to accelerate your career.

An intense skills bootcamp with expert instruction and mentorship.

BlossomX classes quickly prepare you to create real-world value. Small class sizes mean you build personal relationships with your teaching team.
  • Coding in Python

    Learn to code from the basics—no experience required. You’ll learn Python, popular coding language for statistical analysis and data science.

  • Data Science Fundamentals

    The pipeline from data to models in production, deep learning and the data scientist's skill set. Data cleaning, manipulation, visualisation, collaborative work and version control. Likelihood, probability distributions, hypothesis testing.

  • Critical Thinking

    Learn concepts relating to the field of Data Science, its uses and limitations. You’ll be exposed to ethical issues and debates in the Data Science field, enabling you to make ethically-informed judgements on these issues. Understand global issues, developments and their implications for the future, as well as ways data influences diversity in the workplace. You’ll learn soft skills necessary to excel in the workplace when working in an international culture.

Data Science info pack coming soon

Includes in-depth information about the industry, our curriculum, cities, internship options, and other important FAQs.

Apply your skills immediately.

Our internships are different from the usual. Instead of leaving you on your own, we provide you with daily support and occasional classes to cover additional material. That means you'll be able to create huge value in a short time—all of which you can add to your resume to show future employers.

Let's talk options.

This course is only available in Accra.
Dates for Accra
Session 1:
July 6 - August 14
Applications open
Our program fees include all costs except flights, transportation, and daily living.
Included in every program
  • A guaranteed internship placement
  • Immersive cultural excursions and events
  • Airport pickup and dropoff
  • LinkedIn, resume, and career support
  • Lifetime access to the global blossomX Alumni Network

A streamlined application process.

Complete your application in an hour.
Rolling Application Deadline

Build your summer. (5 mins)

Use our application to submit your application. Our Admissions Team is always here to help.

Choose between a written application or phone interview. (30-45 mins)

You can write our short application essays, or choose to schedule a phone interview with one of our admissions consultants, if the option is available. Our advice? Just be yourself!

Confirm your eligibility. (10 mins)

In order to receive your admissions decision, you'll need to confirm that you are in good academic standing with your home institution.

Get your admissions decision.

You'll hear back in 2-4 weeks. Earlier applications receive quicker decisions and preferential admission. After receiving your decision, you'll have opportunities to ask more questions about the program or even put your parents in touch.

Secure your spot.

As spots at blossomX are limited, we encourage our admitted applicants to secure their spot in the program by paying their deposit.

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