Our Selection Process

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1. Rigorous aptitude tests

This part of the process is entirely online where applicants express their interest and motivations for joining the program. The process also tests personality, data aptitude, and values to evaluate fit for the program.

2. Programming evaluations

We provide applicants the opportunity to clean, analyze, and present their data analysis to our recruitment team. The people who generate the best insights move on to the next stage.

3. In-Person interviews

The final step is a face to face interview session with our team. Through our interviews, we assess our four core values; Grit, Resourcefulness, Integrity, and Time Management.

Why Blossom Academy?

In an effort to provide continuous project-based learning opportunities for our students, our employer partners receive data science support during our talent development program. Working as consultants, our graduates empower private and public sector organizations to visualize their data to extract meaningful insights, to personalize their products and services, and to improve overall efficiency.

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Hyper-Personalized Talent Delivery Program

Our unique training program lets us recruit, develop, and deploy top talent well versed in industry-specific and next-gen technologies. Through continuous and intensive training focused on simulated, real-world challenges, Blossom Academy's graduates are able to quickly integrate into your existing analytics teams.

Next-Gen Technologies Expertise

We bring deep knowledge of and experience in all the latest enterprise-level technologies—and we’re constantly refining our program to incorporate the latest analytics trends and enhancements in project delivery.

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Better Control of Your Talent Pipeline

Because our talent delivery program can train people faster and more cost-effectively, we can help you ramp up quickly and integrate world-class talent in large numbers right away. With support from our data science team, you can now focus on your business.

Move your business forward.