We are Africa's brightest analytics professionals

At Blossom, each student attends real-time virtual classes coupled with challenging in-person sessions. We are the only talent development company in Africa that leverages real-world data projects from local SMEs during our globally competitive training programs.

Every Blossom Academy student is required to show 100% mastery of the material and have a 95% live class attendance to graduate.

Our students’ skillsets evolve as fast as tech does.

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Data Analytics

Harness Excel, SQL, and Tableau to drive powerful analysis and insights.

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Python Programming

Build web apps, analyze data, automate operations via DevOps and create reliable, scalable enterprise applications.

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Data Engineering

Create data pipelines to aggregate, transform, and validate large volumes of data.

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Machine Learning

Leverage statistics, software development, and hidden patterns in data to train and develop predictive models.

Proprietary Talent Delivery Program

Our unique training program lets us recruit, develop, and deploy top talent well versed in industry-specific and next-gen technologies. Through continuous and intensive training focused on simulated, real-world challenges, graduates from our academy are able to quickly integrate provide unparalleled value.

A bar as high as your hiring standards

Blossom Academy builds and trains machine learning models to identify specific on-demand opportunities that our graduates have a high probability of performing successfully. This positions us to pair well-vetted graduates with your projects.

Hiring solutions for companies of every size

Diverse talent pool

Let us know what roles and skillsets you're looking to fill and we we'll match you to a few students we think you'll love. Ideal for large Enterprise companies needing full-time professionals at competitive market rates.


Access talent at affordable rates for a set of hours in a month. Ideal for SMEs and startups needing temporary analytics professionals at competitive market rates.

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