Our Selection Process

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1. Rigorous aptitude tests

This part of the process is entirely online where applicants express their interest and motivations for joining the program. The process also tests personality, data aptitude, and values to evaluate fit for the program.

2. Programming evaluations

We provide applicants the opportunity to clean, analyze, and present their data analysis to our recruitment team. The people who generate the best insights move on to the next stage. This is formerlly known as our two-week filtering process.

3. In-Person interviews

The final step is a virtual or face to face interview session with our team. Through our interviews, we assess our five core values; Grit, Resourcefulness, Integrity, First Principles Thinking, and Time Management.

Why Blossom Academy?

We provide you with the resources and tools required to be upskilled and ready for meaningful work. Successful graduates pursue a one-year apprenticeship through our analytics arm where they are matched with the most interesting projects at some of the most innovative tech companies.

Although you and your remote teammates work directly with your tech company on a day-in, day-out basis, our team leads are constantly there as an added support layer providing you with premier shared office space, on-the-ground HR, and connecting you with a like-group of your local peers and bringing you original hosted events. When you begin working on projects through Blossom Analytics, you not only work with an innovative startup; you join a community that sets you up for continued growth.

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Do Amazing Work And Solve Interesting Problems

The companies that Blossom Analytics works with are some of the most innovative businesses in a multitude of industries – FinTech, Direct to Consumer, AI, Transportation, you name it! So regardless of where your passion lies, there’s a role available that should challenge you.

Join A Connected, Engaged Community

Blossom Analytics lets you connect with and learn from far more people than you could by working at any one company – in addition to your core team, you get the added support of members in the Blossom network that you can engage and troubleshoot with. We also provide you with on-demand job opportunities even when working full time.

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Enjoy A Premium Work Environment

Though you work remotely for growing companies, you get the local premium work environment, perks, and events usually reserved for large companies with deep pockets. In the event our client wants you to spend time on-site, we are always happy to make the necessary arrangements. Truly the best of both worlds. Following the one-year contract, we connect you to full time employment in the local ecosystem.

Increase Your Earning Potential.