Our Selection Process


Online applications

After submitting your application, you will get acknowledgement receipt via email from the Blossom team. Your application will be put into a screening process queue for a review.


Rigorous aptitude tests

This part of the process is entirely online where applicants express their interest and motivations for joining the program. The process also tests personality, data aptitude, and values to evaluate fit for the program.


In-Person interviews

The final step is a virtual or face to face interview session with our team. Through our interviews, we assess our four core values; Grit, Resourcefulness, Integrity, and Time Management.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Want to know what it's really like at Blossom Academy? Hear about it directly from our graduates.

Why Blossom Academy?

We provide you with the resources and tools required to be skilled and ready for data science job opportunities. We also support our technology business partners in directly recruiting our most successful graduates for remote work or for product development.
Although you work on projects for clients throughout the world, we will continue to engage you in a vast network of analytics talents across Africa. We also connect you with a like-group of your local peers and bring you original hosted events.

Do Amazing Work And Solve Interesting Problems

Acquire the complex skills of a 21st century business strategist by working through a series of realistic projects. You will learn how to apply methods of data analytics to predict buying trends, learn about data mining using R and Python, develop advanced visualization techniques to make your data sets both intuitive and beautiful, and many more.

Join A Connected, Engaged Community

Blossom lets you connect with and learn from far more people than you could by working at any one company. You also get the added support of members in the Blossom network that you can engage and troubleshoot with while working on projects. Being a part of our network comes with a series of Q&As, featuring the experiences and insights of internationally-recognized executives and successful entrepreneurs.

Enjoy the Perks of Digital Nomads

The benefits of becoming a digital nomad are vast! This includes becoming your own boss, work from anywhere on your own schedule, less stressful working environment, opportunity to travel and see the world, new and exciting challenges, and be a part of a global community.

Explore Our Fellowship Offerings

Short Courses

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Python Programming

Gain fluency in Python and start leveraging its versatile capabilities on the job.

Download Syllabus
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Data Analytics With Excel

Harness Advance Excel to drive powerful analysis and insights. Build confidence and credibility today.

Download Syllabus
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Business Intelligence With Tableau

Easily create interactive graphs and beautiful charts in the form of dashboards and worksheets.

Download Syllabus
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Data Engineering Using Python

Create data pipelines to aggregate, transform, and validate large volumes of data.

Fellowship Program
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Machine Learning Using Python

Leverage statistics, software development, and hidden patterns in data to train and develop predictive models.

Fellowship Program

Ready to Build a Career in Data Science?

Our Three Pillars

Blended Peer Learning

You will be placed in small groups to work together as a team and complete academic goals in real-time virtual classrooms and during in-person sessions; which has goals at the individual and group level.

Mentor-Based Learning

A mentor will be available at all times during office hours to provide help and evaluate your work. We offer you a supportive and engaging work environment, where you can feel free to make mistakes and learn from your experiences.

Projects-Based Learning

Our learning methodology focuses 100% on the needs of today's market. You will work on real-world projects similar to those you’ll find on the job and complete them using the same tools used by professionals currently in analytics positions.

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