Under BA's Talent Pipeline as a Service (TPaaS) Transforms Teams

Blossom Academy’s customized programs and Advanced Skills Academies help companies pinpoint opportunities for growth.
Benchmark your team's skils. Find and focus on areas of growth in data, digital marketing, and web development
Optimize telant you have.Retrain valuable, adaptive employees in relevant skills instead of spending time and money on new hires
Transform entry-to-mid-level team member into go-to topic leaders through rigorouos, dynamic, and customized traning programs
Simplify and economize the hiring process with custom solutions that bring diverse, technical talent to your company
Optimize valuable new talent.Prepare new hires with the expertise, company knowlegde, and skills needed to thrive into go-to topic leaders through rigorouos, dynamic, and customized traning programs
Enrich your company culture. Bring a broad range voices to the workplace and build an inclusive collaborative environment.

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Robust Training for the Entire Employee Life Cycle


BA Advanced Skills Academies

Our Advanced Skills Academies blend TPaaS solutions to build custom programs in the analytics sector, such as data science, data engineering, and business intelligence that are tailored to meet your talent and business goals. Whether radically reskilling existing teams, onboarding new talent, or developing initiatives to diversify your workforce, we deliver innovative and fully integrated solutions with unmatched ROI — straight to your office


Efficient, Effective Talent Solutions

Bridge the gap between your team’s current capabilities and the skills needed to stay competitive.

  • Fill critical roles faster, decreasing recruiting costs and resources.
  • Reduce turnover through effective technical and culture onboarding programs.
  • Provide a diverse, scalable talent pool of both retrained employees and new hires.
  • Target weaknesses, benchmark teams against industry standards, and build learning paths around assessment data.

Blended Learning

By leveraging Blended Learning, we offer a seamless real-time experience on computers, phones, and tablets, making it easy and accessible for professionals on the go. We also provide in-person trainings for clients interested in physical interactions. Our blended learning approach offers an effective learning strategy that features

  • Real-time virtual classes
  • Interactive videos
  • Industry case studies.
  • Solve-along scenarios
  • and more

Give Your Team a Digital Transformation Edge

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Analytics and Process Improvement in Excel
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Business Intelligence
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Database Management
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Data Collection with Python
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Scrum Master
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Financial Performance Analytics
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Human Resource Analytics
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LinkedIn Strategies for Businesses

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