Q&A with Jedidah Madjanor, Machine Learning Graduate of Blossom Academy

Blossom Academy
March 13th 2020

Q&A with Jedidah Madjanor, Machine Learning Graduate of Blossom Academy

Leveraging Data to Build Africa's Economic Future

This is part of a series where we speak to graduates to discover what drives their interest in working with data and what they hope to accomplish. This week, we highlight Jedidah Madjanor.

Jedidah Madjanor is a graduate from the University of Ghana with a degree in Sociology and Geography. After school, He diverted into learning IT and was all of a sudden enthused with anything data related. He decided to then pursue a vocation in research and data analysis but later on moved into data science. He loves to make meaning of unprocessed data, love to play with databases and very much enthusiastic with predicting future trends in businesses.

1. Tell us about your background and experience with data.

I am a data analyst at CERSGIS and  was employed at CERSGIS right after my national service. I completed university of Ghana with a degree in Sociology and Geography and I have been working with data ever since. I started with first managing data, then monitoring data flows, cleansing data and then transforming data. It has been a gradual process in my journey as a data analyst.

2. What Problem are you interested in solving and why?

I am interested in solving problems related to changes in market trends and making predictions that influence decision making in an organization. I enjoy solving these issues because, I get a sense of fulfillment knowing that I am bringing increase and profitability to an organization.

3. How are you leveraging data to solve this problem?

I will leverage data by ensuring data quality because analyzing data without a high percentage of data quality will not give an accurate insight into business problems. I intend to also ensure that data is secured and enough data is available to be able to make predictions from available data using machine learning algorithms.

4. And how has Blossom Academy prepared you for this journey?

Blossom academy has prepared me for this in numerous ways than I can say. Blossom academy provided me with hands on experience in handling real life problems. Blossom taught me how to use technologies like spark, python, aws and gcp to undertake activities like etl development, data warehousing and web scraping.

5. What unique challenge does learning data science present?

One of the unique challenges I faced in learning data science is the fact that there are not enough institutions in Ghana teaching it. So to be able to learn such a profession, you will have to be very focused and determined to utilize online platforms that provide such services. Thankfully, Blossom Academy is helping to provide more data scientists in Africa.

6. Where do you see the Africa data landscape three years from now and what role do talent development companies such as Blossom Academy, play in it?

Three years from now, I see the African data landscape increase with so many datasets. Why? The reason being that, Africa is now embracing technology and is slowly moving from analogue and archaic ways of storing data to digital systems. Africa is being swept into the stream of data. Data in the form of structured and unstructured will be on the rise and hopefully students from Blossom academy and other institutions upskilling and building capacity in data science will be able to leverage this data and make reasonable insights from them.

What are some other exciting use cases of data across Africa?

One of the exciting uses cases of data in Africa that intrigues me is the fact that Kenya has been able to develop a mobile phone app that detects plant leaf diseases using image segmentation and soft computing techniques. They just take a picture of the leaf and the app is able to detect the disease affecting the plant leaf. The other use case I would like to talk about is the use of machine learning to detect mining areas in Ghana.

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