Q & A with Gifty Dovie;Data Analyst at World Food Program

Blossom Academy
September 7th 2020

Q & A with Gifty Dovie;Data Analyst at World Food Program

Data Science in Development.

1.  Can you please tell us about yourself and your journey to becoming a Data Scientist Madam Gifty?

Okay so my name is Gifty Senam Dovie and I work with World Food Program as Data Scientist. My journey started after school. So before national service, I had applied for training at SEO(Sponsors for Educational Opportunities). They give soft skills training and after, place you with partner companies and I did this because I didn't want to leave my national service in the hands of government selection.After the program,I got through and worked at Reflection Africa which later changed to Day Africa as a Business and Technology Solutions Analyst.

My interest in Data Science grew during my national service but it became overwhelming because I was just doing anything and everything Data Science related because I didn't have guidance but luckily a friend of mine recommend Blossom Academy were I got in and I would forever be grateful to Jeph for seeing the potential in me and training me and helping me acquire a job at World Food Program. I recommend Blossom Academy to anyone with the dream of becoming a Data Scientist because they do not only train you to become a Data Scientist but also give you soft skill training to shape you in your career.

2. Has it always been your dream to become a Data Scientist or the interest came along the line?

It wasn't an interest from the beginning. I remember back in school our lecturers used to tell us the opportunities in Data Science and how it's gradually advancing but at that point, I didn't understand until I came out of from Uni and started helping a friend with some research on structured and unstructured data for the investment banking sector and that was when I got the interest for Data Science and I started looking for ways to achieve that. Before Blossom, I had applied for other training programs but I didn't get in and thankfully, ended up with Blossom Academy. I must say, I'm happy I ended up with Blossom.

3. How did you manage working and learning at the same time and what advice o you have for people trying juggle around these two?

Working and learning a new skill can be very difficult especially when you are working at a place where you cant practice what you are learning but determination should be a key factor. Also, you can identify some problems at your work place and think about solutions to these problems using the Data Analytics tools then you can solve real life problems and this would make learning and working quite simple.This will help you appreciate what you are learning.

4. What advice do you have for our students?

Okay, so i will talk on the Analytics part,don't take your Excel lightly especially when are coming from a Developer background moving to Analytics.One thing i've noticed is thatpeople the Developer background aint really good with excel so take it as a joke if you want to become an analyst.Another thing to look out for is the Analytics job you are going to perform when you get a job because many campanies define the Analytics role differently.Sometimes they give the role Analytics but the job description is more of Data Engineering .So basically,if you understand the role you are going to play then you prepare for it.Yuoui will have to learm your visualizations very well as well so you will have a competitive advantage in the market.

so when it comes to soft kills,Blossom academy trains you on that as well.I remember during my training,I was trained on how to properly draft a cv,puntuality ,how to speak and I must say every Analyst need these skills because you may have all the technical  know how but if you don't know how to relate with people or draft a cv,you may not get the chance on a job.So soft skills are equally imprtant.

5. lastly,what advice do you have for someone who is new to Data Science?

First of all, try not to be overwhelmed by what you see on the interest.There's so much out there,so many  people saying so many things and so many tools as well.The best thing is to have someone who would guide you and if you are part of the Blossom Academy cohort I must say you are very lucky but if you are not part,identify one mentor that will guide you through  your study because there are vast areas to be covered and if you don't know how to go about it you would get lost and spend so many years running  around and you would not have any relevant skills to work with so it's good to get a mentor who will guide you as to what to learn.


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