Q & A with Emmanuel Appiah, Chief Software Architect of Aireceive

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July 13th 2020
Web Crawlers

Q & A with Emmanuel Appiah, Chief Software Architect of Aireceive

Build and Monetize your first Web Crawler

1. Tell us your background and your journey as a machine learning engineer ?

I am currently the Chief Software engineer architect for aireceive. I am proficient in programming languages like Java, Python, C++, and C. My desire to break into the tech industry stems from watching my uncle who works in the telecommunication industry playing with some cables on our dining table.

2. How are engineers in the data ecosystem shaping the African continent in 3 years to come?

In the years to come, we are going to have a lot of data and systems connecting to systems, for those that are not preparing themselves to understand how to put all these data together will be left behind. There is a big future for this, and the future is data.

3. Tell us your current project you are working on and its benefits to society?

Aireceive is a meshed technology network, where you can connect to the internet without data. Its benefits range from delivering services to clients on a cheaper, faster, better, and larger scale.

4. How to build a web crawler and monetize it?

As a web crawler, you have to stop reinventing the wheel, but rather work on how best you can take the wheel. In building and monetizing your web crawler you need to ask yourself these key questions: How is my crawler different, What value do you want, Which problem is it solving, What kind of customers are you looking for among others.

Business canvas model which consists of key partners, key activities, value propositions, Customer relations and segments, key resources, channels, cost structure, and revenue stems gives you an informed knowledge on how to monetize your web crawler.

5. What’s your advice on legal issues for web crawlers?

As a web crawler, know what you are offering and stick to it, and by all means, please choose the right partners.

6. What’s your advice for upcoming and practicing data engineers?

The world could have been boring if the people we came to meet left the world as it is. Every day people are becoming more innovative and creative thinkers. In this regard,  l dare you all to do better and bring about a change.


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