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Immersive Courses

Data Science
Data Science

Leverage statistics, software development, and hidden patterns in data to train and develop predictive models.

Course Curriculum
Software engineering
Software Engineering

Get familiar with fundamental principles and techniques at the core of programming through our self-paced, pre-course learning path.

Course Curriculum

Summer Program

Blossom Academy’s Summer program is an eight week practical course on Data Analytis using Python. At the end of the program, students will have an understanding of Python and will be able to work with multiple data sources and provide actionable insight.

The Summer program comes with an Internship opportunity with partner companies in and outside Ghana.

Corporate Courses

Data Analytics With Excel
Advanced Excel

This course will teach your team to use large data sets to make critical decisions. This program was created for analysts, digital marketers, sales managers, product managers, and data novices looking to learn the essentials of data analysis.

Data Analytics With Excel
Analysing Data Using Python

This course will provide your IT staff with a useful introduction to Python, teaching them how to clean, aggregate, describe, and visualize data. Participants will be able to analyze numerical, categorical, and time-series data in Python. This course is geared toward individuals who are new to Python but have basic analytical skills and some programming experience.

Database Management Using Microsoft SQL
Data Management Using SQL

This course consists of everything required to manage a database and make it available as needed. Participants will be able to create new or updated databases based on their internal data collection needs. This course supports in speeding up decision making, boosts data security and integrity, and enhances collaboration within your company.

Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Statistics

This course provides a practical introduction to statistics and inference. Participants will learn the difference between the population parameters we want to know, and the statistics from samples that estimate them.

Introduction to Statistics
Business Intelligence Using Tableau

This course is aimed at the beginner and assumes no previous exposure to Tableau.
It is the recommended first step for anyone starting out with Tableau Desktop, whether you have a technical or business background, and whatever your level of data literacy. It will also suit those who have limited self-taught knowledge and who are looking to cement the foundations.

Tableau Intermediate
Tableau Intermediate

This course is aimed at the experienced Tableau Desktop user who is comfortable with the basic concepts covered in the Essentials Course and who is ready to deepen their knowledge and ratchet up their skills. If you are already building dashboards but feel you could achieve better outcomes with an understanding of more advanced techniques in Tableau, then this course is for you.

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