We are on a movement to build the next generation of African data scientists

Global emerging markets represent an untapped, vast opportunity for many businesses and organizations, however, the lack of credible consumer and market data often makes it difficult to address societal challenges. A recent surge in digital innovations is changing this while creating opportunities for data-driven talent.

Unfortunately, most companies cannot find nearly enough analysts and scientists to analyze the data collected for strategic decision making. Africa, meanwhile, has the youngest population and 7 of the 10 fastest growing internet populations in the world.

We founded Blossom Academy to create a pathway where top talent from West Africa with diverse academic backgrounds can build the knowledge, skills, and abilities to reach their potential as data-driven professionals and leverage those talents to contribute to the growth of their respective economies.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect top talent from Africa to the global economy by providing the necessary next-gen and leadership skills.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create Africa’s most diverse and dynamic community of highly skilled and creative data-driven leaders who are able to affect change and promote progress.

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Our Core Values

We are a group of people with wide-ranging passions and aspirations, united by common values which are Grit, Resourcefulness, Integrity, and Time Management.

Our Story

While working as a consultant on Wall Street, founder Jeph Acheampong noticed a trend where his clients were using data to achieve a competitive advantage. Concurrently, his conversations with high growth startups across Africa uncovered a need for analyzing data to inform strategic decision-making.

Yet there is not enough supply of data scientists in Africa; positioning most businesses to outsource projects abroad and pay above market rate. This observation confirmed a necessity to launch the first data science academy in Ghana, immediately welcoming over 950 applicants.